Juggling Multiple Things and Wanting to Conquer it All?

Originally $29.99

Energy without
the Jitters

Focus for any
and all Tasks

Feel Results
Right Away

Tired of Feeling


Have your Friday night parties become couch parties?


Other products have you agitated?


To many open tabs in your brain?

It Shouldn’t be this Easy To:

  • Close 30% more tabs during the day
  • Get through things like a Cheetah
    (and party like one too!)
  • Have more energy & less anxiety
  • Feel energized in 10 minutes

With Super Bouncy it is.

Originally $29.99

Find Your Super Powers

Super Bouncy was a godsend during a period dominated by brain fog. Following a concussion, my energy levels took a severe hit, leaving me uncharacteristically unproductive. As someone with ambitious dreams and goals, this was particularly disheartening. 


Through my doctor’s guidance, I stumbled upon a powerful blend of mushrooms and adaptogens that revitalized me and set me back on course.


Now, Super Bouncy is an essential part of my morning routine for a sustained energy throughout my days. It sits proudly on my desk, and before I dive into my daily tasks, I reach for two capsules.


Whether I’m gearing up for a busy day or need an extra boost of energy while out and about, Super Bouncy is my go-to, offering energy, focus and concentration without any unwanted jitters.

Originally $29.99

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Hear From Others

Lee Ann

Liked the ingredients and decided to give it a try. Really like how you get the energy you need without the jitteriness you get from coffee.


These gummies worked great for digestion and tasted amazing!


I was looking for something that could give me an energy boost since I gave up coffee in 2024. This product gives me the right mix of energy and focus without the jitters. 10/10 recommend.

How You Can Feel The Power

Step 1

Grab a Bottle of Super Bouncy

Step 2

Take Two Super Capsules

Step 3

Feel Energized Right Away

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