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Digestion not Flowing?

Restless But Cant Rest?

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Cute Comes From Within

Sick of Getting Sick?

Not feeling the fun feelings?


Has your digestion highway hit a traffic jam?

Late night stress keeping you up?

A formula to turn stress into a dream fest


To many open tabs in your brain?

Protect your sparkle.

Damaging UV rays and aging is coming for you.

Traveling unprotected?

We fight the germs off for you.

It Shouldn’t Be This Easy To:

💩 Once a Day Minimum

More restful nights = Vibrant days

Close 30%
more tabs during the day

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skins glow

Take more flights with less sickness

Find Your Super Powers

Dear Fungiments Community,
Cole and I founded Fungiments to bring back fun and vitality. After a concussion, I found relief through a blend of mushrooms and adaptogens introduced by a holistic doctor.
Inspired by this, we developed supplements that are fun, clean, and effective. Thank you for joining us on this journey to embrace holistic wellness.
With gratitude,
Maria Camila and Cole
Co-founders of Fungiments
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Feel What It's Like To Have Super Powers

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Regain Your Super Powers

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