Super Prune


Super Prune is our new gummy product for gut health. Inspired by the use of prunes for better digestion and how we could recreate a similar experience with a gummy.

A blend of prune juice, mushrooms, prebiotics, fiber, and herbs that helps stay regular—naturally. Our gentle, drug-free formula relieves occasional constipation without a harsh laxative effect.

All the mushrooms found in Fungiments are safe.
Take 2 capsules first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. Wait at least 15 minutes before breakfast to let the dose do its thing.

Prune Juice

What it does: Inspired by prunes for better digestion.

Benefits: Supports digestive health, relieves constipation.

Mushrooms, Prebiotics, Fiber, and Herbs Blend

What they do: Promote gut health.

Benefits: Gentle, drug-free relief from occasional constipation.  
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About our ingredients

100% Science

At Fungiments, we take immense pride in ensuring that our supplement products are firmly backed by science.

Shiny clean!

At Fungiments, we prioritize creating supplement formulas that are not only effective but also clean.


Ro-planet ingredients are those that are sourced and produced in a way that minimizes harm to the environment.

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