Digestion not Flowing?

A Blend of Prunes, Mushrooms, Fiber, and Herbs for Gentle Bowel Support

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Sick of
Getting Sick?

A Blend of Maitake Mushrooms, Colostrum and Beta Glucans for Immune Support

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Tired of
Feeling Tired?

A Blend of Cordyceps, Ginseng and Green Tea Extract for Energy and Focus

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Restless but
Can't Rest?

A Blend of Reishi Mushrooms, Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm, & Passion Flower for a Better Day

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Being Cute Comes From Within

Collagen, Mushrooms, Proteins and Vitamins for an Ultra Collagen Boost

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No Fillers, No Junk

Organic Ingredients

Functional Ingredients


Gluten Free

Life is more FungIcon Fungiments way of fun. A Super Fun. A fun that comes from within. A fun that has you feeling powerful. The kind of fun that allows you to get the best of life.
when you have Super PowersIcon Our products are your Super Powers. Feel the energyβ€”Get Super Bouncy, Feel restedβ€”Get super Chil, feel youngβ€”Get Super Cute!
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Super Excited to introduce you to:

Digestion Not Flowing?

Gut Health & Bowel Support

Sick of Getting Sick?

Immune Support

Tired of Being Tired?

Energy & Focus

Why are we so super

Clinically Studied Ingredients


Sustainably Sourced

Waste Management & Mushroom Power

Thoughtful Packaging

Hear from our Fungi Friends

Lee Ann

Liked the ingredients and decided to give it a try. Really like how you get the energy you need without the jitteriness you get from coffee.


These gummies worked great for digestion and tasted amazing!


I was looking for something that could give me an energy boost since I gave up coffee in 2024. This product gives me the right mix of energy and focus without the jitters. 10/10 recommend.

Fungiments vs Them





X Brands

One ingredient + fillers
You don't feel its effects


Thoughtful combination of ingredients for better effectiveness
You feel right away

Claims to be the best

Lots of ingredients you can’t really absorb and don't need
You feel right away
Boring feels like medications

Inspired by relief. Relief that felt like superpowers.

Want to feel what it's like to have to have superpowers? Join the Fungi Friend community, get a taste of what our products are all about and enjoy our fungi friend perks! (they're pretty super)

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